Welcome to Postmodern Pre-Raphaelite

'Boreas' (1903) John William Waterhouse
'Boreas' (1903) John William Waterhouse

Welcome to Postmodern Pre-Raphaelite, which is starting life as a blog. It may in time become other things, but one step at a time, welcome to my new blog.

Postmodern Pre-Raphaelite is a magazine-style compendium of outward-looking journalism engaging with the abundant culture, arts and style of Melbourne and beyond. Let me introduce you to fascinating bohemian characters, take you on opulent adventures in the culinary arts, and delve into collecting and playing with the antique and vintage styles I love.

I must tip my hat to superstar Australian speculative and romance writer Dr. Kim Wilkins for the name of this project. She dropped a comment on one of my “selfies” on Facebook – simply “Postmodern Pre-Raphaelite” – and the name was just too perfect for this project. It mashes arts aesthetics, and can be read as a serious notion or a folly.

The featured image above is a painting titled ‘Boreas’ (1903) by John William Waterhouse. The title refers to the Greek god of the north wind, and I chose it because the figure of the lady braving the wild wind is both contemplative and simply beautiful.

I hope you will enjoy the reviews, anecdotes, interviews, images and adventures I share here, and find some inspirations for your own style and creativity.

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Talie Helene